Monday, December 28, 2009

Surf for Tuesday – Fading but fun WNW’er

Tuesday will be a surf day.

Our WNW swell mix (280-300) will be fading but will still manage to hold onto plenty of fun-sized surf. A small mix of S-SW swells will hold in the background but won’t do much more than crease up a few corners at the combo spots that can pull in both swells.

Look for average spots to continue to see consistent chest-shoulder high surf. Better WNW facing breaks see some chest-head high sets and the Standout NW spots (in Ventura, the South Bay, and South San Diego) see more consistent shoulder-overhead surf with a few sets still going overhead+ through the morning at spots that can help power through the morning high tides.

Winds look good for the morning…mostly light and variable to light/moderate offshore. Looks like most of the offshore flow will be through Santa Barbara and down through Northern LA. Spots further south will have lighter, but still clean, conditions on tap. Look for WNW winds around 10-15 knots to push in through the afternoon.

Overall I think that we are still going to have plenty of fun despite the fading swell…there will be enough energy in the lower-periods of this swell that even though we don’t get the full on dumpers that were coming through on Sunday/Monday it will probably start to feel more workable, and a few of the spots that shun the longer-period energy will actually start to work a bit more. If you can I would probably try to wait out or avoid the early morning high tide…it hurt shape in a lot of spots…but if you can’t you will definitely want to stick with breaks that have the WNW exposure AND can handle a high tide.

Speaking of which…here they are.

12/29/2009 Tuesday
06:20AM LST 6.2 H (smells a little swampy)
01:59PM LST -1.1 L
08:25PM LST 3.5 H

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Anonymous said...

wow! stiff se winds..17 knotts. crap!