Friday, August 21, 2009

Swell update – New SW-swell showing the 20’s

The first part of the new SW swell is starting to show this morning.

Our surf isn’t huge by any means for this dawn patrol…there are a few sets starting to sneak through at the well exposed breaks. More waist high waves at the better spots (mostly in South OC, Northern San Diego and Northern LA). Top breaks are seeing chest high+ waves on the mornings tide push.

While it isn’t big yet, it is showing some nice long-period energy on the buoys this morning. Check it out…I always love when a swell shows on time.

Look for this swell to fill in gradually through the day, with the peak of the SW’er hitting over the weekend. New S swell starts to overlap this one starting Sunday night and we can expect bigger surf as we head into next week.

If you need more details make sure to check out my long-range forecast and the swell-alert that I sent out earlier this week.

Long-range Surf Forecast

Swell Alert for the incoming S-SW swells


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Report. Clean and concise.

what time during the Days over the weekend would you suggest I go to get the best sets?

Im in North SD county (Oceanside)


Anonymous said...

i surfed a few head high sets on dawn patrol this morning. super inconsistent though. lets hope it keeps coming

Anonymous said...

i had the same. some head high sets but not consistent at all. water felt cold, too.

Anonymous said...

sunday a.m. in o'side; quite walled but on the up tick