Monday, August 10, 2009

Surf for Tuesday – Fading but with a few fun ones

Tuesday will be a surf day...but don’t expect a lot of size or consistency out of the bigger sets.

We will have a mix of fading S-SW swell, both tropical energy from Hurricane Felicia and dropping Southern Hemi swell (180-210). NW windswell will be building in the outer waters but not much will make it onto our beaches.

Wave heights will be in the knee-waist high range at most of the average southerly exposed spots. Standout S-SW facing spots, mostly through Orange County and San Diego, will see a little more size with waist-chest high surf and some rare chest high+ sets. The swell periods for this mix of swells is starting to get pretty expect almost a gutless windswell feel at times...even at the top breaks.

Winds look good...light and variable with some very manageable onshore flow in the morning. Most spots will be pretty clean with a just a couple of pockets of onshore texture. W winds build in through the afternoon and top out around 10-12 knots.

While the forecast for tomorrow isn’t super exciting it will be surfable, particularly on the morning low tides. Clean conditions, warming water (I trunked it with a wetsuit top on Monday...but I am built sort of like a polar bear, so that that with a grain of salt), and a few waves at the exposed spots make a good argument for checking it in the morning. If you are a bigger surfer you might want to stick with your smaller wave will probably more fun with fishy shapes and bigger boards at most of the average spots.

Here are the tides...

12:17AM LDT 3.7 H
06:25AM LDT 1.3 L
12:57PM LDT 4.8 H
07:52PM LDT 1.6 L


Anonymous said...

Nice work AW!
Was felicia's swell the most sw hurricane swell you seen?
thanks Coconutz!

Adam Wright said...

Ha thanks!

Felicia defintely had a lot of SW to the later stages of the swell.

It is pretty rare to get a tropical swell from that direction...the swell output from a storm that has moved past your location is usually pretty low...though it helped that she ended up having a much larger convection area, and lots of feeder winds coming in from the ITCZ to the south.

She will definitely standout in terms of SW'erly swell direction compared to a lot of the storms over the years.

Hope you got a few...