Sunday, August 23, 2009

Surf for Monday – S-SW swell starts to peak

Monday is looking like a surf day.

The second shot of S-SSW swell (180-200) will be moving in and mixing with the SW’er (200-220) that peaked over the weekend. We will see those swells working together (as well as a touch of local windswell) to increase size and the consistency of the surf. Check out the CDIP’er this afternoon…lots more colors showing that usual.

And the Oceanside Buoy from this afternoon.

The surf tomorrow is going to be decent size for many areas…lots of the average exposed spots will be in the chest-head high range. The standout S-SW facing areas will have surf in the shoulder-head high range with overhead sets fairly consistently as the swell gets going. Those standout areas will even have a few bigger waves going a couple of feet overhead as sets sneak through. The biggest surf will be at the summer spots in Orange County, the exposed parts of San Diego, and the best exposed areas of Northern LA.

Winds look ok…sort of light and unstable through the morning. Not quite eddy but getting close. Look for variable to clean conditions through Ventura/LA…and then slight onshore texture through Orange County…with more bump at the exposed beaches down in San Diego. It shouldn’t be more that 5 knots in the morning…but there is a lot of residual energy in the water that isn’t going to let it get super clean...sort of like morning sickness that doesn't go away. The usual WNW winds 10-14 knots moves through in the afternoon.

So for tomorrow…definitely expect a bit more size and consistency that we saw over the weekend. Sets should be a little meatier, and I expect the beach breaks to be more closed out. Points and reefs will continue to be the best call shapewise, but look for a few makeable sections off the structures (piers/jetties/rocks/sunken pirate ships) if you need a break from the crowd. Have a good one…lots of waves on tap this week…don’t burn out too early.

Here are tides

12:09AM LDT 4.4 H
06:08AM LDT 1.2 L
12:27PM LDT 5.4 H
07:21PM LDT 0.9 L


Anonymous said...

Hi tide information is incorrect. FYI

Anonymous said...

Actually all tide info is incorrect! Sorry about 1st post.

Adam Wright said...

Good catch...must have grabbed the wrong day on accident.

New correct tides have been posted.



Anonymous said...

100 people out (I counted) at 6am where I went. Still had fun but I can't wait for winter...

Anonymous said...

100 people for what? I was in North County SD and it sucked. Not consistent at all.

Christopher said...

Perfect shoulder-head high A-frames all along Point Loma. Couldn't have asked for a better morning.

Anonymous said...


Great to see you still have a site going. WW is not the same with out your smug mug on it.

Do they think what they have now is better than what they had when a person was up there?

John Henry beats the Steam Engine - best of luck

Do we need another element of our lives devoid of a personal angle?

Adam Wright said...

Thanks man...yeah that was a damn strange picture to have on wavewatch forever...specially since the photo team took headshots for other articles (I must have busted up those cams with my ugly mug).

The new wavewatch stuff, it is just the same as their old stuff, which has always been basically a pretty way to read the forecast model. It doesn't help you score unless you are willing to put in an assload of time/patience and learn how the squiggly lines translate into waves on the beach.

Of course I am biased...but I think it is funny that the human connection that had to bridge the gap between the old systems and actual surfers, was what made it so popular. You could count on the 550-info line, and even 976-surf, if you "knew" and trusted the guy on the other end of the line.

Anonymous said...

you can at least post the old smug mug to make us happy again.