Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waves for Wednesday – a few weak ones

Wednesday will be a small “summer surf” day particularly through the morning.

It won’t be great by any stretch of the imagination...but there will be a little bit of energy out of the S-SW and a touch of local WNW windswell helping to keep it from going totally flat. Winds look ok in the morning as well...so if you live close, or just really need to surf...there will be something to ride.

Wave heights are going to average around knee-waist high at the S facing breaks and the ok combo spots. The better S facing areas, mostly through Orange County and Northern SD, will have a few inconsistent chest high sets still lurking out there but expect a decent wait between waves.

The winds look ok...sort of variable to light southerly in the morning...but below 5 knots for most areas. A few of the more open beaches, particularly the open beach breaks that back into flat land along the coast, will have a touch more texture at times. WNW winds 10-12 knots build in the afternoon but may lay down slightly around sundown.

I think tomorrow is going to be a mostly longboard sort of day for the average spots, but with a couple of fishy-board sized waves at the top spots with the lower tides. Personally I would try and get on it during the tide push...just to try and get a little more out of the small swell mix.

Here are the tides...have a good one!

01:18AM LDT 3.2 H
06:48AM LDT 1.8 L
01:42PM LDT 4.9 H
09:24PM LDT 1.4 L

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