Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surf for Thursday – Looking a bit small

Thursday is not looking like much of a surf day…mostly because of lack of swell.

It won’t be totally flat but the meager mix of swell that we do have out there isn’t going to do us any favors. Thursday we are going to see a blend of weak SW swell (190-220) and background NW windswell.

The average S facing spots are going to be in the knee high range with inconsistent waist high sets, and even those will only show during the tide push. The standout SW facing spots, mostly through South OC and North SD, (maybe a couple lucky areas in north LA), will have more consistent knee-waist high surf with rare waist high+ sets. The swell period is pretty short on this one (around 13 seconds) so expect mostly gutless almost windswelly shape.

Winds will be ok…mostly light and variable through the morning, with a lot of spots seeing clean conditions. WNW winds around 10-12 knots will move in through the afternoon.

Like I said it won’t be totally Lake Pacific tomorrow but it will be pretty soft and burgery even on sets. Really it will be pretty much the summertime poop that we are kind of used to in Socal. It will be a decent beginners day…or a summer longboard day. Personally I wouldn’t spend a lot of time checking it or driving around…if you see a semi-rideable wave get on it before the tide or wind gets it.

Here are the tides…

03:11AM LDT 2.7 H
07:17AM LDT 2.3 L
02:43PM LDT 5.0 H
11:07PM LDT 1.0 L

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Anonymous said...

The swell period is pretty short on this one so expect mostly gutless almost windswelly shape.

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