Sunday, July 5, 2009

Surf for Monday – Is the circus over yet?

Monday will be a sort-of surf day…but we are still going to have wind and tide issues for a lot of areas.

On Monday we are going to see a mix of S-SW swell (190-215) from a couple of overlapping southern hemi swells. We are also going to have some background, and very short period, NW windswell. The S-SW swells have slowly been shifting more southerly over the last day so more energy has been starting to slip into spots that were shadowed earlier in the weekend. Check out the current CDIP…

Wavewise the average spots are going to be in the waist-chest high range through the early morning. The standout breaks, mostly through Orange County, the more exposed areas of North LA, and a few North San Diego spots, will be running more consistently in the chest-shoulder high range…maybe even a couple of bigger ones on the early low tide. The building tide is going to swamp out a few of the more sensitive by midmorning so if your local spot needs a lower tide you are going to want to get on it pretty early.

Winds will be similar to what we had over the weekend…so expect a light, but consistent, westerly flow around 4-8 knots through the morning and then W-NW winds around 10-15 knots by the afternoon. The current NWS wind model is showing a cleaner pocket around the South OC and North SD area (right through the areas that have the higher coastal hills)…so there may be a few cleaner waves through there in the morning. Don’t expect it to last too long though.

Overall I think your best bet is going to be to try and surf the dawn patrol. The winds will be lighter and the tide will be coming off the negative low (that hits around 4am)…the combo of that with the fun-size swell should set up a few rideable (maybe even fun) waves at the S facing spots. I don’t think you should drive very far tomorrow…the conditions won’t hold up, and with both increasing wind and higher tides the shape will fall apart fast. The waters temps are still jacked up too (HB Guards are calling the pier 55 degrees today)...bring all of your rubber if you are going out.

Here are the tides…and if you get a chance, maybe pick up a piece of trash when you are heading back to the car in the morning (you guys are probably on it already…sorry I am not usually so earthy in the forecast…the beach is just nasty after the big holidays.)

04:05AM LDT -0.6 L
10:34AM LDT 3.6 H
02:58PM LDT 2.4 L
09:05PM LDT 5.8 H


dave said...
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dave said...

don't feel bad for telling people to pick up trash.
everyone should do it every time they surf. you should feel bad if you walk past a piece of trash at the beach. just pick it up - its not hard.