Friday, July 24, 2009

The Wedge - 7/24/2009

Here are a few beefy shots from the Wedge this morning as the swell was starting to peak.


Peter said...

hey--i took a bunch of photos yesterday at the Wedge, but i dont know any of the people i photographed. I wanted to pass along my shots to them as a courtesy but i dont know how to contact any of them other than to post on blog sites-- if you don't mind, here is my link of photos i took

if you happen to know any of the surfers or boogie boarders please pass the link along--i can email hi-res images--not charging anything--just want to pass it along--

jhall said...

What??? No photos of the SUP's this morning at Wedge?

I got some, along with some video i'm loading in a little while at (Daily Bread).


PaperChace said...

Someone died there today.