Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waves for Wednesday – small and clean

Wednesday is going to be a surf day...but the new SSW swell still won’t be here yet...so the sizes will continue to be on the small side.

We are going to have a mix of overlapping SW swells and some local WNW windswell. It will look a lot like Tuesday’s surf...maybe even a touch smaller.

Wave heights, on average, are going to hold around waist high for most spots. The better combo breaks and the well exposed SW facing spots will be around waist-chest high. A few of the best standouts, in areas like South OC and North SD, will have some inconsistent chest high+ sets on the tide push in the morning.

Winds look good...light and variable for the morning (maybe a bit of fog here and there). WNW winds 10-12 knots will push through in the afternoon. Afternoon winds may even be light enough that spots with something to block or knock down the wind, like high cliffs or kelp, will be clean enough to have a decent afternoon session.

While it will be clean and rideable on Wednesday it won’t be worth driving around a lot to look for surf. The waves will be pretty similar all over SoCal (for the most part) and the summer beach craziness is in full swing, which means crowds, blackball, crowds, US Open, bikinis (not really a bad thing), and the other nonsense. Not that I really blame anyone, have you seen how freaking hot it is inland?

Anyway, your best bet will be to find a little peak, or stretch of beach, that is sort of empty and try to get on it early with the low tide, before the madness sets in. Bring your summer small-wave board, and a thin suit/vest...the water is getting pretty nice in a lot of areas. (HB was at least 65-degrees today).

Also the CDIP 3-day forecast is starting to pick up that bigger swell for the end of the week. Check out the sideways forecast...I can hardly wait for my local beach break to turn into one long walled mess. Good times.

Here are the tides...if you live in the IE try not to catch on fire tomorrow.

04:25AM LDT -1.5 L
10:43AM LDT 4.3 H
03:51PM LDT 1.5 L
09:53PM LDT 6.8 H


Anonymous said...

If you want to really understand what hot surfing is all about, do yourself a favor and check out some of the early rounds at the Open. Seeing these guys up close helps separate the hype from the reality.

The later rounds are a zoo fest - fun for the experience, but you'll see limited (good) surfing. They usually hold the later rounds in the afternoon when the conditions have deteriorated. The early rounds are in the morning, so if you've already surfed, you can check out some of the action.

A good example were the early heats of the round of 96 today. Irons, Curran, Gudauskas bros, Simpo, et al. But the one who really stood out was Heitor Alves. The insiders on the WCT keep talking about him, but seeing is believing.

This guy is incredibly quick & explosive. His last wave was a crazy super committed flinging 360 out into the flats that he landed. He pretty much blew away the announcers.

Slater surfs tomorrow along with a whole raft of WCTers. Fri starts at 8am when HB should have 8'+ face monster lefts rifling through the pier. Full on gladiator contest. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Not me - just a stoked local. Surf n/s side all the time. It's cool to see super hot guys performing in the same waves troopers slog through on a daily basis.

Btw, tomorrow's heats are very interesting. When was the last time anyone saw Fanning, Machado & Owen Wright in one heat (#24)? Then there's AI, Ward, Losness & Geiselman in R48/H5 and it just keeps getting crazier from there:

Heat sheet

The 'CT is fine at Trestles, yet the man-man runs a little slow, and you don't see juniors/QS going up against CTers. The CTers are getting killed at the Open - both Benson & Nat Young beat out Damien Hobgood today (he got 2nd @ JBay last week).

If you want to see some of the best, rapid action high scoring surfing around, then the next few days are on. By Sat & Sun, it's basically all over except for the bikini show.

Anonymous said...

Contests are ghey............I'm not like and old guy who is all down on new school competitive surfing, but c'mon if there is waves enough for a contest and you have the time to watch one....GO SURF!!

Anonymous said...

Nooo! Did I miss Machado? When is the next round he's paddling out in?

Anonymous said...

contests are gay. should only be watched at work, when wounded, or when some other unfortunate thing happens and you can't surf yourslef. why would you choose to watch some spoiled guys who are sponsered out the ying-yang surf, when you yourself could be surfing! I don't understand that at all. Sure, they are great surfers, but that's because they have the life of luxury and get to surf the best waves in the world every freakin day. Pro-surfers are selfish and spoiled.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i somewhat understand what the guy is saying about how we shouldnt take the time to watch a contest if you yourself are capable of going out and surfing. But honestly unless you already rip harder than these guys then you can actually learn something from them. Lord knows we can ALL add some style to our surfing so rather than bitching about why watching surfing is gay why dont you shut up and try to learn something??????????????????????????????????????????????????

I already surf well but watching these guys go for huge hacks on closeouts is inspiring.

now back to the gravy train...