Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tropical Update – TD-4E is now Hurricane Carlos

TD-4E has strengthened quite a bit since Friday morning. Over the past 36 hours the tropical depression quickly intensified into the named Tropical Storm Carlos…and now, by Saturday afternoon, Carlos has reached CAT-1 hurricane status (sustained winds of at least 65-knots near the core).

Currently Hurricane Carlos is about 700 or so miles SSW of the tip of Baja (1300-1400 miles from SoCal), moving west (270) at about 10 knots.

Carlos is already in the Southern California swell window and is likely producing some tropical swell for us that would arrive early next week…likely filling in some energy later on Monday but showing the strongest on Tuesday-Thursday of next week (if Carlos lives up to forecasts).

It is a little early for sizes since Carlos just got up to speed…and swell production is going to greatly depend on how long he lasts (and how he moves)…but at this point we can expect some increased tropical energy helping to fill in some of the gaps in the Southern Hemi swells that we have showing over the next week.

More details as Carlos continues to develop.


cheerupcheerio said...

carlitooooos bring us some waves!

Anonymous said...

More killer trestles!!
Thanks Adam!

Anonymous said...


stop being a pain in the ass and just give us some prelim waves heights.... Please :+)

Anonymous said...

This storm is a dud, too far away moving the wrong way too fast and very small size covering a very small area. knee high range or maybe notheing. Hopefully the southern hemi will keep producing.

Anonymous said...

at least the sun is out now, and the water is getting warmer.