Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swell Update – SSW’er filling in

While most of our Thursday morning surf is still leftover SW swell (190-210 from a swell that started to fill in on Tuesday)...the new SSW’er (180-200) is beginning to show in the background. Check out the Oceanside Buoy.

There are definitely some fun waves out there at the S-facing areas...the points and reefs are starting to get pretty fun looking (though the tide is starting to bog it down.) Beach breaks aren’t bad either...a few walls but still broken up enough to hit a section or two.

Check out the live feed from the US Open when you get a is nice to get a good (free) view of the beach over the interweb.

Anyway that swell will be building throughout the day...look for the peak of the swell to hit Friday and Saturday.

You can also go back and read my forecast for this swell, as well as some notes on where to expect the best shape as it peaks.


Anonymous said...

Watched the Fanning/Machado/Wright heat with the rest of the crew this am. Definitely some forerunners starting to show.

Fanning one the heat; his highest scored wave was a left through the pier and then back on the right.

One of the announcers let the cat out of the bag regarding what it's gonna take to win: take a close-out bomb left through the pier then catch the n-side pier bowl coming back.

Kekoa said he would do anything for $100k. This contest is gonna make for boffo box office.

Anonymous said...

water is warm, wind is good, tide shift is gonna be okay, and a delightful SW swell. only thing that sucks is it's on a friday and saturday. yet, despite the coming crowds, i'll be in the water getting my share. so pumped!

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me?..."Fanning one the heat?" Should be "won" the heat.

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