Thursday, July 30, 2009

Surf for Friday – Smaller and still bumpy

Friday won’t be a surf day.

Oh it won’t be totally flat....there might be a couple of semi-rideable waves at the top spots...but dropping SW swell and steady eddy conditions will hamper shape and consistency. We are going to have a mix of fading SW swell (200-220) and a bit of weak local WNW windswell.

Average spots will be in the knee high range with rare waist high sets. Standout SW facing spots, again in South Orange County and Northern San Diego, will have a few waist high+ waves on inconsistent sets.

The wind will be the same sort of eddy conditions that we saw on Thursday. Mostly variable onshore for the majority of our beaches, with more southerly to southwesterly flow as you move into Orange County and San Diego County areas. Current wind models are showing the eddy developing pretty low and further off to sea than normal...which could be good (if the winds spinning off the eddy are light when they hit the coast) or bad (as the winds come more out of a SW direction that offers little protection for most beaches). Check out the COAMPS for tomorrow morning...

I would take it slow tomorrow morning...maybe do a wind/surf-cam check in the morning before spending time/money/gas getting to the beach. If you have to surf, and don’t mind a little bumpy crumblers, I would stick to the top SW spots since they will have a little more push to the sets.

Here are the tides...

01:19AM LDT 0.4 L
08:13AM LDT 3.3 H
11:55AM LDT 2.9 L
06:17PM LDT 5.2 H


Anonymous said...

i really really hate to ask but has Anyone ever surfed at or around neptune park or nicholson point in la jolla? is there anything decent to surf???

Anonymous said...

Yah but no Al Merick's allowed south of the OC/LA county line.
Stop feeding the corporate machine,
you freakin dolts!

Anonymous said...

Won't be visiting wavewatch now that you're no longer there. They are making a big mistake.

John said...

DUDE! What is Wavewatch thinking? The only reason I go to that site is to read your opinion. Big loss for them.