Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday’s Surf – A little bigger but still fugly

So the surf will come up slowly throughout the day on Thursday...but local winds and the tides will conspire against us having a surf day.

Our swell will be a mix of slowly building and overlapping SW swells (200-220) and increasing local WNW windswell.

Wave heights are going to be in the waist high range at most of the average spots. The better S-SW facing spots will be more in the waist-chest high range on inconsistent sets. The standout SW facing spots and the best combo breaks will have some inconsistent shoulder high sets. It is going to be fairly inconsistent expect some longer waits between waves.

The wind looks like it is going to mess with us tomorrow. Forecast models are calling for mostly light winds in the morning...but with a steady westerly onshore tint to them. Likely we are going to have light/variable winds along the coast but with that fugly sickness/bump to the ocean thanks to the stronger winds further off the coast. The real onshores will pick up early and should come in out of the W-WNW around 10-12 knots by the afternoon.

Overall I am not expecting much out of the surf tomorrow...yeah it will be bigger, particularly at the SW facing spots by the afternoon, but the winds and tides are going to jack up most of our shape/conditions. Your best bet, if you have to surf, would be to get on it early and try to capitalize on the lower tides (the tide doesn’t get very low on Thursday though) and lighter morning winds...the swell won’t be doing all the well in the morning but it should be better than the shapeless high-tide crumblers that will be on tap for the afternoon.

Here are the tides...

05:22AM LDT 2.6 H
09:26AM LDT 2.2 L
04:38PM LDT 5.2 H


Anonymous said...

What about Friday? Should the wind be better then? I have to pick one day (thurs or fri).

Anonymous said...

Wind will be better...

Thanks for sharing...

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Christopher said...

I broke my board @ the right time! Hope the swell picks up by the time it is fixed.

Christopher said...
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