Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wednesday's Waves - wave heights still creeping up

Wednesday will be a surf day...it will still be on the small side but it will be bigger than the last couple of days.

We will have a mix of SW swell, some minor S swell, and some local windswell. Most spots will start to settle into a more consistent waist high range with a few waist high+ sets. Standout surf breaks, mostly in San Diego and South Orange County, will see waist-chest high surf with a few rare chest-high+ waves.

Winds are forecast to be light and variable again in the morning...just some light texture here and there. W winds around 10-15 knots will fill in through the afternoon.

While it still isn't a great swell-mix in the water it will be more rideable than Monday/Tuesday. I would still recommend trying to hit up your local combo spot rather than driving any sort of real distance...your local spot may not be the biggest in SoCal but it won't be worth the gas to hunt down a wave only a foot or so bigger. You will have the most fun on your small wave gear, (fish and longboards). I actually think the combo beach breaks will be the most fun, particularly on the lower tides, just because you can still find a zippy section on the shallower sandbars.


Anonymous said...


U R DA MAN! please don't pull your blog. your forecasts' are priceless... Detailed long range and sort range forecasts for free!!!! really beats pay'n surfline.....

thanks alot..... will you ever give a detailed EPAC Tropical update?


snerfling said...

Wed a surf day? LOL. Is there any more thankless job than surf forecasting? Are you thinking of pulling the blog? Please don't - your information is really well analyzed & presented.