Monday, July 21, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - fading surf...but it won't stay down for long

Tuesday will be a surf day...and even though it will be a bit smaller than the last few days there may be a little bit better shape as some of the more walled beach breaks start to open up a bit.

Swellwise we are going to see a mix of dropping S swell, some background tropical energy both from the S and SE, and a bit of local windswell. Most breaks with some exposure to the S swells will be in the waist-shoulder high range. Standout S facing surf spots, particularly in Orange County and North San Diego, will have some head high+ sets mixing in on the tide push.

Winds will be sort of similar to the last couple of days...light and variable early, with a few spots of light texture, and then onshore out of the W around 10-15 knots by the afternoon. If you live close to the beach it might even be worth keeping an eye on it late in the evening as well...winds have been backing off a bit before sunset. It doesn't get super clean...but better than the midday chop.

S facing spots, particularly ones that do well on the Southern Hemi swells, will be the call on Tuesday. I think that the points and reefs will continue to have the best shape...but the beach breaks may be a bit more workable with a few extra corners. Still expect a bit of current at the more open spots, but even that should back off a touch. I still think this swell is worth driving for...especially now that people are back at work for the week.

Here is the CDIP model for the afternoon...I like seeing a real swell visualized on these gives you a real clean picture of where the swell is working its way into.

Oh and a couple of random notes...the US Open is starting to move into full crazy mode. So if you were planning on surfing the HB pier this week you might want to just slam your head in a car will get the same effect and save a little gas. Also I saw "The Dark Knight" over the weekend...two words...freaking awesome.


Anonymous said...

think dawn patrols on/near the pier are OK this week, out of water by 7:30?

Anonymous said...

Only if you want to surf with Julian Wilson and a bunch of other incredibly hot surfers. They were all out at dawn this am warming up before the heats began. Then when the contest started, they migrated over to the N side to mix it up with the local crew.

J.P. said...

I like all the graphs you've been using lately. You know what would be awesome? Pie charts.

Anonymous said...

ah,'s hoping there's somethign rideable at 54th/56th then... :(