Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monday’s Surf – Still plenty of waves with only a 100th of the crowd.

Monday will be a surf day…and since the weekend is over and, in my neck of the woods, the US Open is over, the crowd size should drop nicely.

There will still be a decent mix of swell in the water on Monday…we are going to have peaking S-SE swell from Hurricane Genevieve, fading SSW swell from the southern hemisphere, and some minor local windswell.

Average S exposed spots will continue to see surf in the chest-high+ range on the sets. Standout S-SE facing areas, particularly in North Orange County, will have consistent shoulder-head high sets with some overhead sets mixing in at the top breaks.

We should have clean conditions in the morning…at least the forecasts are calling for light winds below 10 knots. Still there is a chance for a bit of an eddy to spin up…so keep an eye on the winds in the morning…we might have some southerly texture or bump to a few of the more exposed breaks.

I think that we will have plenty of waves for most areas (except in SB and some of the shadowed areas of the South Bay). It will be biggest in North OC, but still fun in North San Diego, and Northern LA County. From just watching a few sets roll through HB on Sunday I can see that there is not much crossing up this tropical swell/SSW swell mix…so the beach breaks are going to be a bit walled. Look for the best shape at the points and reefs hiding out in the areas I mentioned.


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! the OPEN is OVER!!


...cant wait to see the pier again, and see how the south side is fairing tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea when Coronado gets good? I live in South Bay and IB is usually good but almost always polluted. Any insights would be great. It seems almost everytime I go to Coronado it is like a freakin lake. Thanks, man.

er said...

The points (N.LA) were fun, but inconsistent, on Saturday... The surf on Sunday was shit (almost) everywhere... The waves for the 'Open' were crap, and I didn't see any improvement with the incoming tide.

Anonymous said...

hey your forecast this week is really blowing it. It hasnt been over ankle high for any of the breaks in my 50 mile range at all, and Im not in an area where I have to worry about island shadowing from hurricane swell and south groundswell. Just letting you know that the forecast was pretty much the opposite of what it actually was.

Jonny said...

Hey Adam this dude above me is trippin. Your forecasts are off the hook so keep up the good work. Ever since i discovered your blog my roommate and I have read it everyday, so thanks for all the hard work. The information you present is really insightful and helpful, please keep it up man.

Anonymous said...

clearly the guy who is ripping on the forecasts doesn't know how to read because your forecasts are pretty damn accurate.

Adam Wright said...

Hey guys thanks for the comments!

Anonymous #3...thanks for the feedback on the forecasts but I have to disagree with you on the sizes and the conditions.

I have been surfing every day since the weekend before last when the mix of SSW swell and tropical swell from Elida was showing up. If anything I under-called some of the swell showing in North OC...there has been a grip of waves all over for the last week.

The surf for the US Open on Sunday morning was a bit on the small side but by 12-1pm it had definitely picked back up into the head high+ range on the bigger sets. It wasn't great shaped, but like I said in the forecasts it was going to be a bit choppy, by the afternoon.

Sorry you got skunked...where were you surfing?