Sunday, July 6, 2008

Waves for Monday – Back to the Grind

Man it is hard to go back to work after a long weekend…makes me wish I still had summer vacation…anyway daydreaming doesn’t really pay the bills so on to the forecast.

Monday will be a surf day…again it won’t be huge or all that great…but it will be rideable and clean in the morning.

We will have a mix of SW swells (there are a lot of minor swells still mixing together), local WNW windswell, and some very minor tropical leftovers from a couple of weak areas of circulation down to the S of us.

Most spots will continue to see the knee-waist high+ surf while the standout S facing breaks of Orange County and North San Diego see some chest-high+ sets and maybe even a few shoulder high faces on the tide push through the morning.

Winds are expected to be light and variable in the morning and we should see nice clean conditions for most areas. W winds around 10+ knots build in through the afternoon.

It will definitely be surfable tomorrow morning as we work through the low tide…shape won’t be great but there will be some shwackable corners now and then on the bigger sets. I think your best bet is going to be either a good-sized sandbar that is exposed to the swell combo or a similar low-tide reef somewhere. The biggest waves will be in South OC and North San Diego but because it is on the small side I don’t think it will be worth driving very far to surf those areas.

Further out in the long-range forecast I am not seeing much for the next few days…just a slow dropping trend overall…it does look like better waves will be on tap towards the last third of the month (July 20-31) but those storms are still forming so nothing has been locked in. Closer to home we have a new tropical depression (TD-5E) that formed this morning…the NHC is still waffling on whether it will reach Tropcial Storm strength but it is worth keeping an eye on as well.

Here is the latest National Hurricane Center forecast track for you can see it has a lot of development and travel before it becomes a wave-maker for SoCal.

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4th of July was really, really, really good!