Thursday, July 3, 2008

Surfing on 4th of July - Crowds, Fireworks, Parades, and a few playful waves

Friday will be a surf day...but you are going to need to plan around the rest of the shenanigans that generally occur on the 4th of July.

We will have a mix of SW swell, background tropical energy, and a touch of local windswell.

Average spots will be in the waist to occasionally chest high range while the standout S facing spots see some chest-shoulder high sets on the morning tide push.

Winds are expected to be light and variable through the morning then come onshore around 10+ knots during the afternoon.

Really your best least in my opinion, the way to have the most to stick to your local break, surf what you have at your spot, and enjoy the beach. The surf isn't good enough to warrant hunting through a ton of spots to find the perfect wave. Layer on the fact that traffic and parking are probably going to suck, and that many areas will have restricted access and it makes even more sense to get up early, head to a close-by beach and ride a few before the zoo descends. Personally I am going to try and surf during the dawn patrol...then it will be off to the slip-n-slide by the time the crazy makes it to the beach.

Have a great holiday everyone...I will have an update for the weekend tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You are under calling it a touch, some head high sets today at best spots. Are you going to delete this comment too?

Adam Wright said...

sorry about that deletion...I was ripping through the lotto spammers and your post got caught up in the mix.

Yeah I was surfing this afternoon and it was a little bigger than I was expecting...seems like the mix of swells is doing a better job overlapping than I initially thought. HB was close to head high on a could of sets during the afternoon.

Where were you surfing?

Anonymous said...

Right on Adam, sorry I took it the wrong way. You're still the man, have a happy 4th, Coconutz!

Anonymous said...

Surfed Trail 6 on the morning of the 4th... lots of consistent shoulder high, a couple of head-high sets too. In driving by, Trestles was looking sooooo good (from Churches all the way up)...