Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wednesday’s Waves – More S swell…less earthquakes

Wednesday will be a surf day.

We have more S swell (170-190) that has actually started arriving here on Tuesday evening and will be peaking on Wednesday. This is coming off of a South Pacific storm rather than a tropical system so there will be a bit more punch, but a little less consistency, than we saw over the last several days. We will also have a bit more NW windswell working its way into the combo spots…so hopefully a few of the better exposed areas will start to see a few more workable shoulders and less closeouts.

Most S facing spots and average combo breaks will be in the waist-chest high+ range with some shoulder high sets. Standout S facing spots and excellent combo spots will be closer to shoulder-head high with overhead sets mixing in at times.

Check out the buoys this afternoon…you can already see the new swell on the Oceanside Scripps Buoy. There is a lot of leftover energy still on the buoy but the new 18+ second stuff is showing.

Winds look good tomorrow with mostly light and variable conditions in the morning. Increasing onshore flow picks up around mid-morning and will top out in the 10-15 knot range by later in the afternoon.

Since we are seeing some longer swell periods and a little bit more of S swell direction (compared to a pure SE one) it looks like we should see a few more waves throughout SoCal, particularly as you mix in more NW windswell for the left-out winter spots and good combo breaks. The biggest surf will be in the OC areas and North San Diego, but expect some fun sets sneaking into the other S facing breaks as well. This swell is a bit borderline in terms of traveling/driving…I probably wouldn’t jump counties unless you are right on the border…or you live in a S swell-less land (*cough-santa-barbara-cough*)…but definitely check the S facing spots if you have one nearby.

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