Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday's Surf - Looking on the small side

Friday doesn't look like much of a surf day.

We will have a mostly leftover mix of S-SW swell still hanging on from earlier in the week...NW windswell will continue to hold in the background as well.

The combo of smaller swell and the decent sized tidal swings are really going to screw with the surf. Most spots will be in the knee-waist high range...with sort of poor+ shape. Expect weak and gutless surf breaking close to the beach.

Standout combo spots, mostly in San Diego and a few of the better exposed South OC spots will be slightly bigger with knee-chest high waves. Even with the slight increase in size the shape will be in the poor+ range...again mostly gutless, stacked up, and close to the beach.

Winds don't look so hot either...sort of variable/eddy for the morning. The more exposed areas will have some bump/texture, not blown out or anything but not glassy either. Expect those winds to shift onshore out of the W around 10-14 knots by the afternoon.

Here is the CDIP modeling from Thursday afternoon...and you can see there is a lot of craptacular blue on the picture which, if you haven't figured it out, is not what we want...well unless we are going scuba diving or something.

There aren't really any good options for surf tomorrow...longboards at dawn maybe. I think I am going to surf my pillow...maybe I will longboard at lunch or something if I get bored.

We sort of slipped into one of those brutal summer surf gaps where the SPAC took a little break in storm production and the tropics and the NPAC aren't active enough to pick up the slack. Fortunately it will end...check out the post on the new storm brewing in the South is still looking pretty good for new S swell to hit SoCal around the 20th...yea for waves!

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