Monday, July 28, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - Slow Drop

Tuesday will be a surf will be smaller than the last couple of days but still rideable at the S exposed breaks.

We are going to have a mix of quickly fading tropical S swell from the now dissipated Genevieve, some background southern hemi energy, and a touch of local windswell.

On average spots with some S exposure will be around waist high. Standout S facing spots, again mostly in North Orange County, will have some chest-shoulder high sets.

Winds will be light again in the early morning...with some light onshore texture at the more exposed areas. Look for onshore bump to increase steadily throughout the day and top out in the afternoon with 10-15+ knot winds at the more open beaches.

Despite the fatter morning tides I think that your best bet will be to get out and surf the dawn patrol. The combo of dropping swell, building morning tide, and increasing wind will make things a bit lame by mid-morning. North Orange County will continue to see the biggest, most consistent size but there should be some playful waves at the other exposed areas as well. I think that the points and reefs will still have the best shape but now that the swell is dropping a little we may have a few more workable corners at the beach breaks.

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