Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monday’s Surf – a tiny pickup

For the most part Monday’s surf is going to be much like the weekend but with a very slight bump in size. I don’t think that I would call it a surf day but there will be a couple of waves to ride if you time things right.

We are going to see a slight increase in WNW-NW swell (290-300) on Monday…which will basically take the exposed spots from ankle-knee high+ to knee-waist high…nothing super exciting but better than flat. The top spots in San Diego and Southern Ventura will have some waist-chest high waves that will probably stay closer to chest high on the lower tides.

Weatherwise the Santa Ana’s are going to come back…strongest through midday. So look for mostly variable offshore conditions through the morning and then N-NE winds around 15-20 knots for the afternoon (and stronger gusts through the North LA/Ventura areas). It should stay surfable throughout the day, which is a plus.

I would probably plan on busting out the super-small gear for Monday…basically what you were riding for the weekend. Some of the smaller surfers might be able to get away with some fishy shapes if you are down in San Diego. Don’t spend a lot of time driving around…it won’t be worth jumping counties and if you don’t have waves nearby you probably aren’t going to find much in your area. Oh yeah…the 6’+ tide is going to flatten out the surf tomorrow morning…you might want to avoid that.

Here are the tides…try not to blow away tomorrow.

03:14AM LST 1.5 L
09:14AM LST 6.6 H (sucks for us)
04:27PM LST -1.5 L
10:48PM LST 4.3 H

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