Monday, January 5, 2009

Surf for Tuesday – More waves...go surfing

Tuesday is going to be another surf day.

The SW swell (190-210) and the WNW swell will hang around enough that we will continue to have some playful waves at the better exposed spots. It won’t be winter sizes but anything over chest high is good at this point. Check it out I even spotted an elusive rideable wave on a surf camera…seeing something like this has been like trying to find Bigfoot.

Or maybe it should look like this…

I can almost positively say that may have been my worst photoshop drawing ever…(yet still I debated putting an SUP paddle in it…man I have issues)

Anyway…with the swell mix we can expect that most spots will continue to see surf in the waist-chest high range, a little soft at times, but rideable with the right attitude and equipment. The standout combo breaks, mostly through San Diego and Orange County (which does better on the Southern Hemi swells), will have surf in the chest-shoulder high range. Again sets will be a little inconsistent but fun when they show.

Winds look good as well…mostly light and variable to light offshore for most areas. A little ESE flow for a few of the more exposed areas at times. Look for light/moderate onshore flow through the afternoon.

I think that midmorning will probably be the best call…it has been a bit soft the last couple of mornings but has improved with the dropping tide. Just don’t wait too long the winds will get to it.

Here are the tides

04:13AM LST 5.4 H
12:05PM LST 0.1 L
06:28PM LST 2.9 H
10:30PM LST 2.2 L


Anonymous said...

It was actually pretty good out there - if you could handle the cold. Every now and then a good o/h peak would roll through, but overall the swell was dropping fast.

Anonymous said...

had fun in Oceanside; was not quite as good as it looked but it was the best it has been in a month

Anonymous said...

yeah, i got some, too. nothing spectacular, fo sure, but since it has been a month, i'll take it.

KennyandtheSkull said...

Ill be at trestles in the morning, see you out there.