Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wednesday’s Waves – Cleaner and smaller

Wednesday looks surfable but overall size is going to be backing down.

Our WNW swell and windswell that peaked on Monday/early Tuesday will be backing down pretty steadily on Wednesday. There will be a tiny touch of southern hemi background energy but not enough to make the S facing spots work.

On average we can expect surf in the knee-waist high range. Top NW facing spots, mostly those through San Diego and Ventura, will have some waist-chest high+ sets through the early morning. Almost everything is going to shut down as the tide fills in and peaks midmorning.

Winds look decent on Wednesday...not as offshore as Tuesday...but generally light and variable to light offshore though the morning. Light onshore through the afternoon. (the Santa Ana style flow returns more on Thursday and Friday but the surf stays on the small side too, which sucks).

I think that you are going to want the small wave gear at most spots tomorrow. I managed to get out on Tuesday (around lunch up in North OC) and while there were still a few inconsistent sets my little fishy board wasn’t really all that fun...with the swell dropping the boggy shape is just going to get worse. For the bigger guys I am thinking longboard size/shape...the smaller surfers might be able to get away with a fish at the top spots.

03:44AM LST 1.6 L
09:35AM LST 5.2 H
04:34PM LST -0.3 L
10:49PM LST 4.1 H


Anonymous said...

man, it was colder than a mofo this morning out there. i went out at 6:30am and had to put on a 4/3 with hoodie and booties. crazy cold. some good waves though.

kaser_one said...

i think tomorrow i'll ride my paipo.

thanks AW

Anonymous said...

i want waves! real freakin waves!