Monday, January 26, 2009

Google Robots = lame


This is only effects people that have been getting the forecast in email form from the Southern California Surf Forecast Blog group.

It looks like the Socal Forecast Group has been flagged by the google robots for some reason. I have requested a review but in the meantime it looks like it isn't emailing you guys any of the new posts.

For the time being you are going to have to check this website for the latest forecasts. The are still being updated on a regular schedule.

You can also go to the google group page

and request that the content "is not spam" (well if you really feel that way)...and it should help to unlock the group faster.



1 comment:

RB said...

yeah, I'm here for the first time
in months because Im missing an email. Weird, not like your discussing powellliticks or pouringografy.
Mispelled on purpose because of the bots.