Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flatness for Thursday – I guess we can make sandcastles

Thursday is not going to be a surf day...the conditions will be great...but there will be almost no swell in the water.

We are going to have a tiny mix of leftover WNW energy and an itsy-bitsy touch of southern hemi energy. Wave heights are going to get totally worked over by the midmorning tide...(and they won’t be much better on the lower tides in the afternoon) that isn’t going to help things either.

On average we can expect knee high to almost flat for most average spots during the dawn patrol. Top WNW facing spots in San Diego, maybe in Southern Ventura as well, will have knee high surf with a few waist high softies on the lower tides.

Winds and weather will be great...Santa Ana flow...moderately offshore for most areas through the morning...stronger offshore gusts around Southern San Diego and in North LA. Afternoon winds will be variable, generally below 10-knots.

The forecast isn’t looking very good for the next few days. The surf is just going to get smaller on Friday and Saturday. Checkout the CDIPer sideways forecast...that is a lot of dark blue.

At this point, based on the forecast run this afternoon, it looks like we will start getting more WNW swell around the 4-5th of February...and possibly some SW swell around the 10th...these swells aren’t set in stone but I have seen the storms on the long-range charts for a couple of days, hopefully we get them to brew up and break us out of the flat spell.

Here are the tides...not that they are going to help you much.

04:24AM LST 1.5 L
10:09AM LST 4.7 H
04:58PM LST 0.1 L
11:17PM LST 4.3 H


Anonymous said...

You know, I'm getting up in age now, but for all my years in Southern California (San Diego County) I remember my local break having surf almost every day of the year. What happened? Within the last 2 months I have experienced some of the crappiest surf I can remember in my life. Yes, a few good days here and there, but never in all my years (56) have I seen something like this. I'm glad I got my share of waves when I did because I would not want to be a young man now with all the flat spells happening every other day!

Marksurfz said...

Adam, you really do a great job keeping us up to date. As a fellow HB guy, thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

hey Anonymous,
I guess what your trying to say you were in a coma during that last North Swell. A few good days? That stuck around for more than that! I know how you old timers liek to say it only counts when its BIGGGG, but to be honest its San Diego it never is big. That last swell was fun, sorry you missed it

Anonymous said...

I think what he is trying to say is that Winter used to be much more consistent than this good swell, nothing, good swell, nothing-type storm track. I seem to go crazy on the flat days, even to the point I'll take my little fish and surf the shorebreak (not fun). My wife can attest to me going crazy too (grumpy)