Monday, January 12, 2009

Tuesday’s Surf – Small and clean...again

Tuesday will be nice and clean but there still isn’t much swell out there. (Fortunately there is a much better looking shot of swell coming in later this week and this weekend).

Anyway for Tuesday we can expect more, small, overlapping WNW swells and just some very minor SW background energy. Most spots will hold around knee-high+. The standouts in San Diego see some waist-chest high waves on the best sets.

The tide is going to bog us down again through the first part of the day but winds will continue to be pretty there is a chance at some slightly better shape on the afternoon low tides.

Winds will continue to have more Santa Ana flow through the morning...N-NE winds around 10-15+ knots with stronger gusts around the usual passes and canyons. Variable, but light winds move in through the afternoon...generally staying below 10-12 knots for most areas. Check out what the COAMPS is saying about tomorrow morning.

I think your best bet is to wait for the tide to drop after it peaks midmorning (or get up really freaking early for the dawn patrol)...I would probably bring the longboard as well...just not enough juice in the water to power us through the fatter (not with a “ph”) edges of the tide.

Here are the tides...

04:07AM LST 1.4 L
10:01AM LST 6.0 H (stop it already moon!)
05:06PM LST -1.1 L
11:29PM LST 4.5 H

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