Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waves for Wednesday – Small mix of S-SW swell continues

Wednesday will be surfable…but there isn’t a lot of swell out there, so either plan on bringing some good small-wave gear or a lot of patience.

In the water we are going to have a mix of weak S-SW swells (180-210)…some of which are fading out and another more SW’erly (200-215) that starts to creep up in the background. Local windswell even looks pretty weak…there is some energy in the outer waters but the swell angle is too steep to get much of it to the beach.

Most spots are going to hold around the knee high range on Wednesday…with some knee-thigh high surf setting up at the more SSW-SW facing spots that can pull in a little more of the energy. The standout SSW-SW facing breaks, mostly through South OC and a few select parts of North SD, will be more consistently in the waist-chest high range…with a few inconsistent shoulder high sets slipping through on the lower tides.

Winds look ok for the morning…sort of overcast and clean for most areas…and a little light texture at the really open spots. At this point it looks like variable winds below the 2-3 knot range for the morning with a little more onshore texture showing down near the border. Look for the overcast to take a little longer burning off…but sunny skies and onshore winds will creep in by the afternoon. Expect W-WNW winds around 10-12 knots with some 15-knot gusts hitting the exposed areas by the later afternoon.

Wednesday just sort of feels like your standard summer surf day…nothing to exciting, but not totally flat either…(too bad the water isn’t a bit warmer). I think that our best bet is for a morning surf…if you can really make the dawn patrol (first light is around 5:40am), you can take advantage of the last part of the tide push. Really though I would bring your small-wave boards and try to find a spot that can handle the bit of high-tide that hits around 7am.

Here are the tides…happy hunting…make sure to try HB Pier, I hear the crowd is light there.

08/04/2010 Wednesday
12:05AM LDT 1.1 L
07:10AM LDT 2.8 H
09:22AM LDT 2.7 L
04:47PM LDT 5.1 H


Anonymous said...

newport showin!

Anonymous said...

Nice tip on the HB pier. I got down there at 8 and only four guys were out in the water on the South side.