Sunday, August 8, 2010

Special Invitation to see the new website…the evolution of Socalsurf into

Hey Gang…I wanted to pass on a special invitation to check out my NEW surf forecast website, which is basically the evolution of Socalsurf.

The new website is…(the name itself carries a lot of different meanings to but I would rather treat its meaning like most good song lyrics…and let the name take on a personal meaning to each of you).

Right now this is the best link to reach Solspot…

Please head over and explore the site…we have tried to take the best parts (the simplicity of the Socalsurf Forecast) and wrap it with live dynamic tools that will help you guys be on top of things like last minute wind changes, water quality issues, swells filling in early (or late) that sometimes slip past the forecast “snapshop” that I provide in my usual information.

I know a few of you are just looking for simple…”please just tell me to surf tomorrow”…and that is still there. My forecasts aren’t going to change very much…there is just going to be so many new toys to play with.

This new website has been a labor of love, frustration, and insane effort, put in by my partner’s RJ and Jens (both of whom deserve a massive shout out for creating this thing). We know that we are all far from done but getting the site to this point feels awesome for us…so we hope that you are as stoked on it as we are.

OK since the new site is a little big I wanted to give you guys a couple of quick links to help relieve some anxiety in finding the original forecasts, (my ice cold anti-anxitey bottle is sitting next to me dripping lovely cold sweat).

This is probably the best place to find the normal short-range forecast…

and the one for the long-range

For those of you that are into the Wavewatch III data…you can check out this link

And finally…if you just want to find out WTF is happening at your local spot… (notice I picked a spot that will be really, really, fun to surf tomorrow.) But you can dive in and see the winds for the next 7 days (hour by hour) among other things,

Anyway…I will be pushing this to the public over the next week…but since you guys are on the email list I thought I would give you first crack at things in thanks for all the support. (and the men/ladies that have been waiting for swag from me….it is finally being produced, (with the new Solspot labels) so your chances of actually getting something inside of a year is looking pretty good.

One last thing…We know that we are only a small group of humans so please feel free to pass on feedback and any bugs/changes that you come across.

Thanks again gang…I am really hoping that you would be stoked on the first version of Solspot, be rest assured, there is some even cooler poop heading down the pipe as we move forward.

Cheers! (If you are at the US Open tomorrow you might see me passing out some stickers, come up and say hey)




Anonymous said...

wow! just checked solspot out a little and man it blows the other guys away. lots of live information. And it looks like I may no longer have to navigate the lower bowels of government satellite data pages. Great job Adam! and as always you still manage to keep it simple! Surfiness, is that even a word? I don't know but I like it!

Anonymous said...

why does surfline say SURF:
3-5 ft
waist to head high occ. 6 ft on monday but you say ankle to thigh high for south SD??

Anonymous said...

Great site - I already bookmarked my local spot!

Any chance you could sort the 'nearby beaches' to start with northern spots and go down to southern spots instead of the other way around?

Thanks for all of the hard work you put into this site and the forecast. They're both incredible!

Anonymous said...

dude nice site !! congrats

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion, but no idea whether it's easily doable. I've noticed that some websites can figure out where my i.p. address originates, and refines the news, advertising, etc. accordingly. For me this is an Earthlink server somewhere in Carlsbad. I am actually pretty creeped out by the big brother aspect, but it seems that this web-omniscience could be exploited to help people look quickly at their local breaks without having to navigate too much. Maybe a cookie that remembers preferred spots or regions as default locations? It seems to me that this would also help track region-specific traffic and give you more justification to attract advertisers.

Anonymous said...

Adam if i was gey i'd kiss you and give you the reach around! thank you! all you need are some cams in NB area and i will be free of Surfline forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FYI - they are like Satan, Microsoft, BP... you really cant get by with out them...... please free me from the bondage of surfline!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to click the ads... let's help Adam keep this thing going for free for as long as possible! :)

greg said...

Hey Adam,

I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon and say congratulations. The site has a TON more features than I expected and I have been playing around on it for a while. I think it has just about every major feature that I use to decide how the surf is. I might only need to go to one site now, instead of combining a bunch, and that's the best part. I'm sure this has been a long time coming and that vacation was well deserved!