Saturday, August 21, 2010

Surf for Sunday – Now with more S-SW swell

Sunday looks like a surf morning…but unstable winds, ones that turn onshore pretty early, keep things from being a solid surf day.

We will have more S-SW swell energy (180-220) from a couple of different swells, some that are just peaking, some that are fading out from last week, and some long-period energy from a new pulse moving out of the Southern Hemi. The winds, while they suck for conditions (and water temps) they are starting to build up a little windswell for the exposed combo spots. I don’t think they will have enough juice to break up the bigger S swell, but there may be a few more creases out there at the well exposed breaks.

...I know the teasers suck...I promise they will stop...someday.

Here is the link straight into the proper forecast.

It has unicorns in know you want to see a unicorn.

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HBD said...

Only fire breathing unicorns turn me on. They have the ability to warm the water around them too.