Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thursday’s Surf – A little more SW’er

Thursday is looking surfable…and with a little more SW swell in the water there will be a little less waiting between sets.

Swellwise we are going to see a mix of leftover S-SW swell (180-205) from earlier in the week and a new SW swell (200-220) that starts to slowly fill in later in the day. Local windswell creeps up in the afternoon but winds in the outer waters have been on the mild side lately (the eddy death ray is working!) so there isn’t a lot of energy out of the WNW-NW.

Average S-SW facing spots will be mostly in the knee-waist high range on Thursday…with some waiting time between the bigger sets (stupid SPAC islands always getting in the way). The better exposed spots, the SW facing regions that don’t have to deal with our nearshore island blockage, will be more consistent in the waist-chest high range…and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a chest-shoulder high set sneak through on the lower tides.

Winds look good…mostly light and variable in the morning with some spots of slight onshore texture at the really exposed beaches. Look for winds to shift to the W around 5-10 knots by lunchtime and then eventually top out around 15 knots for the afternoon.

With the surf being on the small side (and a bit inconsistent) I still think your small-wave boards are your best bet…you might be able to get away with some fishy at the top breaks, but if the tide gets too high and the sets bog out…you might be stuck groveling. I think the morning, the earlier the better, will be the best call…but for those of us that can’t roll out of bed at the crack of dawn it should still be surfable till the winds start to pick up too much.

Here are the tides…

08/05/2010 Thursday
01:00AM LDT 0.5 L
07:52AM LDT 3.1 H
11:15AM LDT 2.8 L
05:50PM LDT 5.5 H


Anonymous said...

so fishes arnt grovel boards?? im confused

papawow said...

"Thanks a assload Tahiti!" -hahahaha!