Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monday’s Surf – more waiting around but with a few sneaky fun ones lurking around

Personally I don’t think Monday will be much of a surf day…I like a little more juice and consistency to my swell mix...but that is more personal preference than anything. If you don’t mind riding the small-wave boards of mind talking a little story in the line-up between sets then Monday won’t be a total right off.

There will plenty of different swells in the water but non that really standout. There will the small but seemingly ever-present S-SW swell mix from the Southern hemi, there will be a touch of local windswell and the forecast models are calling for a little tropical style energy…but I think they have been hitting the booze a little hard this weekend.

Make sure to head over to for the full forecast, all the forecast details, as well as the automated swell data from WavewatchIII.


HBD said...

With that post, I wonder who's really hittin' the juice...

Anonymous said...

The models are wasted? Yea!