Sunday, August 8, 2010

Surf for Monday – A few playful ones on the fading S-SW mix

Monday will be surfable, but there will be a touch of eddy, the S-SW swell mix will be slowly fading, and the tides will be a bit high…all of which may keep it from being too much fun.

In the water we will have a mix of fading S-SW swell (190-210), some small local windswell (mostly in the afternoon), and some weak Southern Hemi leftovers.

Sorry to do this to you guys...but until we get the full switchover to the site you will have to click through to the new for the full forecast…


Anonymous said...

very nice new site...we're all wondering though - are you going to charge a Sub$cription soon? all good things must come to an end, right?

Adam Wright said...

Truthfully...we are going to do our best to keep it completely free.

I have run a "subscription forecast" forecast website before, and I don't want to go back that way...the pay-for-service thing, at least from a forecast side is a bit ugly and you have to spend too much time protecting your information (most of which you guys as users can get for free from the NWS/NOAA anyways).

Down the road...if we added something that ate a lot of bandwidth and we weren't covering the costs through advertising...then we might, and I stress might, put together a package where if you wanted to have that feature (like a surf cam or something) you could choose to pay for it...or I could just go the NPR route and bug the crap out of you guys to donate enough to cover things.

But to answer your question again...there are no sub$criptions for forecasts in the plans at all.