Thursday, August 5, 2010

Follow the Light Foundation Award - Morgan Massen

I got a chance to attend the awards ceremony of the Follow the Light Foundation down in HB this week. It was a cool event that they put together to honor the five amateur finalists competing for a grant that would hopefully help to continue their photography. Anyway….I wanted to extend my congratulations to the winner.

Anyway my wife and I were lucky enough to sit right next to, Morgan Massen, who at 19 years old, has already taken some photos that make me want to chuck my camera out the window of the car. He came across to us as a guy, which if he continues his photography, will be a standout in and out of the water.

Anyway I ran across the video slide show that Morgan presented at the event…and thought I would share.

Morgan Maasen FTLF from J P on Vimeo.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Follow the Light Foundation…here is a quick link to their website. Give it a check when you get a chance.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography... for those who have tried, you will appreciate the video... His shots are actually very original from most of that magazine-targeted stuff that we're used to.

Good luck to ya Morgan...