Thursday, March 4, 2010

Surf for Friday – Cleaner leftovers

Friday will be rideable but it will be fairly small...overall it will be a marginal surf day…but with the right equipment (and the right attitude) there will be a few rideable little peaks out there.

Our surf will be a mix of fading WNW-NW energy (290-300) and some inconsistent, background SW swell (200-220). The WNW-NW energy will fade pretty steadily throughout the day.

Look for most spots to average around knee high with some inconsistent waist high sets. The better combo breaks with some decent SW exposure will be in the knee-waist high+ range with some inconsistent chest high sets on the lower tides. Standout NW facing breaks and the excellent NW/SW combo breaks will be in the waist-chest high range with some inconsistent shoulder high sets. The NW energy is getting to be pretty short-period…so expect sort of gutless, windswelly shape…which may be ok at the beach breaks but will lack much power at most points/reefs.

Winds will be light and variable to light-offshore in the morning…with a little touch of ESE flow through parts of San Diego. Look for W winds around 10-knots to set up through the afternoon. A new storm-front is forecast to move through late Friday night (well after dark) and set up some more rain/stormy conditions for Saturday.

Not much going on Friday…just small waves, breaking close to shore for most spots. I think that you might be able to have some fun with your small wave gear. Most breaks will probably be the most fun with some sort of longboard…but a few of the standout NW facing breaks might have enough size to stick with the fishy shapes or a good small-wave shortboard. I would try and get on it early since the tide is good and the conditions will be the cleanest…just don’t expect a lot from it and you won’t be disappointed.

Here are the tides…

03/05/2010 Friday
07:00AM LST 0.3 L
01:03PM LST 2.9 H
05:50PM LST 1.8 L


Anonymous said...

This morning was fun in socal, nice and clean

Anonymous said...

Fun morning at beach break Rincon.