Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday’s Surf – No longer seeing the blue screen of death

Sorry about the late forecast update, and lack of a long-range forecast today, but if you own a PC I am sure that you have all experienced the BSOD…anyway I finally got my interweb up and running and we should be back on schedule. Look for the full Long-range forecast tomorrow.

OK enough about my issues…lets get on to the good stuff.

Tuesday will be a really nice beach day…and there will be some rideable waves, but a general lack of swell and mid-morning high tide will keep it from being a real surf day for most areas.

That being said there are two new swells filling in slowly throughout the day…a WNW-NW swell (285-300 but with a lot of the juice coming in around 292-300, which means a lot of swell shadowing), and a new SSW-SW swell (190-220) that will be quite a bit smaller and inconsistent but it will be slowly strengthening throughout the afternoon.

Really if you only have enough time to surf this week I would start working on your “belly-cramps”, “bad case of the #3’s”, “Dr Appt”…or whatever awesome excuse we as surfers can dream up…so that you can get some waves on Thursday as the combo swell mix peaks (Wednesday and Friday should be decent days too but Thursday looks the best).

Surfwise Tuesday we can expect a pretty slow start…there won’t be much new swell in the water and even though we get a low-tide right before sunrise it comes up pretty fast and will swamp out a lot of places…oh and check out my lame attempt at a “swampthing” t-shirt…it might be in the running for the worst drawing ever, even my wife won't pretend she likes on the picture to see it in the store, better order one now, I bet they are going to be "rare" pretty soon. :)

For the morning…look for most spots to be in the ankle-knee high range with a few waist high+ sets sneaking into the best NW facing breaks in Ventura, the South Bay, and South SD. There may even be a few bigger chest high sets in the SD hot spots.

By the afternoon the swell mix will be increasing…probably not enough to break through the afternoon high tide…but still there will be a few new waves in the water from both the NW and SW swells. I would expect mostly the same size as the morning but with more consistent knee-waist high sets and a few chest-shoulder high waves showing up around Ventura since the NW’er will filter through that region a little earlier than the others.

Winds look good on Tuesday…another super warm day with mostly light winds. Look for light to light/moderate offshore flow for the morning and then sort of a variable onshore sea-breeze (around 10-12 knots for the afternoon).

So overall nothing all that exciting…just a cruiser sort of day…big boards with lots of foam will be the best call, but a few of you lighter guys might be able to get away with a fishier shape at the NW standouts if conditions are right, you know...on the low tide…if you don’t eat all day…and drop the kids off at the pool before heading out…then, just then, it could be fun. Other than that…the weather will be nice and if you can hang out at the beach, get a little sun, maybe a soft little peak now and then, there are definitely worse ways to spend the day.

Here are the tides…

03/16/2010 Tuesday
04:12AM LDT 0.4 L
10:06AM LDT 4.4 H
04:15PM LDT 0.5 L
10:17PM LDT 4.9 H


Anonymous said...

drop the kids off at the pool?
what does that mean?
i wish that water could atleast get up to 60 so we could paddle out in trunks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Adam.

You know I always imagined the swamp-thing as a sort of giant blob monster, but I like the effort. Can I get a link to the email you want submissions sent to again...

Kids at the pool = terds in the toilet

Waiting for surf

Anonymous said...

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1. All artwork must be original. Please do not use any material/creative that you don’t own the copyright to.

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3. Please include in the design.

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