Friday, June 5, 2009

Waves for the Weekend – SW swell continues

We will have a couple of surf days over the weekend...nothing great but better than the flatness. Like the last couple of days you are going to need to find a spot that can break up the swell.

The SW swell mix (190-220) will continue to peak into Saturday before slowly fading on Sunday. There will also be some minor windswell in the water...but with short periods (around 3-4 seconds which basically makes it “wind-chop” coming in from the outer waters) it won’t do much of a job of breaking up the longer mostly walled up lines at the beach breaks.

Check out the sideways forecast for the next few days...

You can see the most exposed areas on the forecast...they are the slightly lighter-blue dots along the coastline. Most of the energy is heading towards the usual SW-facing spots...but this model is initializing off the Harvest Buoy, which is a little glitchy on swell direction right now. In reality there should be a lot more light-blue in SD County and LA County as well.

The wind looks ok for the next couple of mornings. Forecast charts are calling it light and variable...with a slight eddy-type flow to it. So look for weak southerly winds through the mornings with some building W-WNW winds 10-15 knots through the afternoons. Cloudy overcast skies at first and then some burn off through the end of the day.

Since there are a lot of beach breaks around my neck of the woods...I really wish that there was something to break this swell up a bit. Unfortunately we aren’t going to get much help in that department so you will have to be a bit more selective in your spot choice. Points and reefs will continue to be the best call...and then fall back on the piers/jetties/rocks/submerged cars/shipwrecks/really slow whales that can create a little crease in the lines coming in. You can still expect some longer waits between waves but we should have a little more consistency over the next couple of days.

Here are the tides...have a good one.

03:42AM LDT -0.7 L
10:06AM LDT 3.4 H
02:32PM LDT 2.2 L
08:43PM LDT 5.8 H

04:17AM LDT -0.8 L
10:45AM LDT 3.4 H
03:05PM LDT 2.3 L
09:15PM LDT 5.8 H


Anonymous said...

ha ha . . . whale bar - i like that!

Anonymous said...

the whale bit is amusing

deckmanx said...

Hooray for waves!

Anonymous said...

the weird mom-lover strikes again. get a job, dude!

Anonymous said...

the waves sucked this weekend. non stop blow out session.....

Anonymous said...

didn't suck where I was. was on it yesterday and today from 7-10:30am. good times. too many people at my local southwest facing break, but i got my share, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Monday! Hello????

Anonymous said...

I've given you enough money for tacos now post the Monday forecast!

Anonymous said...

I have a job! Haveing coitious with your MOTHER..pays pretty well too!!...well at least the benifits are worth it...if you know what i mean..