Monday, June 22, 2009

Surf for Tuesday – More morning funness

Tuesday will be another surf day.

We are going to continue to see a mix of S and SW swells (180-220) as well as some background NW windswell. None of the swells will be particularly big or consistent...but the combo breaks will do a good job of blending the swell mix into some playful peaks.

On Tuesday most spots will have surf in the knee-chest high range. Sets will be a little inconsistent but playful when they show. Standout S facing spots, particularly combo breaks, will have waist-chest high surf with some shoulder high sets.

Winds will be similar to Monday...light and variable and clean conditions early in the morning, some light onshore texture by midmorning and early lunchtime, and then NW winds around 10-15 knots by the afternoon. Cloudy skies early morning will burn off to sunny skies through the middle of the day.

Overall we are going to have sort of a soft/playful day of surf. The best shape will be through the morning as we come off the early negative-low tide. Once the tide fills in it looks like semi-soft/mushy shape will be on tap for most breaks. Orange County and San Diego look like they will have the most consistent and largest surf, but expect rideable waves in all of the other regions as well. We aren’t quite back to the need to take the small wave gear...but the wider fishier shapes might be more fun, and let you score more waves as we move into the higher tide by midmorning.

Here are the tides...

04:44AM LDT -1.7 L
11:11AM LDT 3.8 H
03:53PM LDT 1.9 L
10:01PM LDT 6.8 H


Anonymous said...

short period windblown windswell is ghey.....rollerblading is where its at!!!!! Shred or die

Anonymous said...

one man gathers what another man spills. in other words, my break was freakin awesome this morning, and probably will be tomorrow, too. ahhhh, the good life!

Anonymous said...

no morning funness today. it sucked.

Adam Wright said...

I surfed north HB about 6am...and it was pretty fun. Chest-shoulder high, peaky, with just a touch of S-SSE texture.

Sorry you didn't get any. Where did you surf?

(Guys if the surf sucks, and you feel like complaining on the blog, make sure to tell me when and where you were surfing. It will help to make the forecasts more accurate the more feedback I get.)

Anonymous said...

i surfed at 15th St. Del Mar. that is where it was lame this morning. i really do appreciate all you do.

Anonymous said...

Herein lies your problem 15th st. is a terrible break.. slow mushy poo, I have surfed there a handful of times and seen it good once, it was 5-7 ft the day before the December 07 swell and it was kinda fun.

deckmanx said...

Looked at Oceanside this morning. Small and inconsistent(1-3 maybe)

deckmanx said...
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