Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Waves for Wednesday – S-SW carnage continues

Wednesday will be another surf day.

The S swell (170-190) will be winding down slowly while the SW swell (200-220), while smaller, continues to peak. There is a touch of NW windswell out in the water but the bigger southern hemi swells continue to dominate the exposed spots.

Surf will continue to be on the healthy side tomorrow...most S facing spots will be in the chest-head high range tomorrow. The standout S facing breaks, mostly through Orange County, parts of San Diego, and some parts of LA, will be in the shoulder-overhead range with a few bigger sets still sneaking through at the top deepwater breaks.

Winds will continue to be on the light side through the morning. Mostly light and variable to start off but with a few pockets of variable/southerly flow at times. Overcast skies early will burn off to sunny skies by the afternoon.

Shapewise the points and reefs will continue to have the best shape...and the biggest crowds. The jetties/piers/rocks and stuff that break up the swell a touch will be decent fallbacks but in most cases won’t have the best shape. My local beach break did its great wall of china impression again today and, since I was pressed for time, I ended up bodysurfing some thumpers at a local shorebreak...which while fun isn’t as much fun as surfing (for me). Hopefully we will see this swell start to break up later this week and start to be a little more rideable at the beach breaks. In the meantime it looks like boards for meatier surf are the call...unless you are planning a spot a little further out of the line of fire.

Check out the screenshot I got off the wavewatch.com Malibu camera...this is in-between sets...but I think the secret is out.

Here are the tides...

12:03AM LDT 1.4 L
05:26AM LDT 2.9 H
10:43AM LDT 1.6 L
05:30PM LDT 5.0 H


jebarnes said...

that camera has actually looked like that for the last week....its terrible...i guess its good that someone is out enjoying it

Anonymous said...

today friggin sucked!

Anonymous said...

o'side was sucking it

Anonymous said...

everywhere was sucking it

Anonymous said...

yeah, very lame. too soft, choppy, windy, and inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

LA COunty was on fire,

ADHemi said...

definitely one of the better LA swells had in awhile. ugly attitudes prevalent though.