Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend update - Stupid Eddy

That eddy on Saturday was brutal…I know it keeps the coastal areas from having to have AC on all the time, but man that was ridiculous.

I wish it was clean and offshore for Father’s day, (come on…is it too much to ask for some dumpy combo swell and santa ana winds?)…. But it looks like the eddy is going to stick around tomorrow. Fortunately forecasts are calling for it too be much lighter. Check out the NWS model for tomorrow morning.

You can still see the circulation but the winds along the coast are mostly light, below 10 knots out of the S-SE depending on where you are located.

Expect some crumble to the S facing beaches on Sunday…nothing major but nothing all that clean either. Spots with protection will be a better call, but you will likely miss out on the S-SW energy in the water…ideally you can find a spot that is ok with the wind but wraps in the Southern Hemi swell.


Anonymous said...

Never seen SA's in June.
Matter fact now through mid-August is the time I have noticed the least off shore mornings of the entire calendar year.
What's up with that, AW?

Anonymous said...

Sexaholics Anonymous???