Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Waves for Wednesday – The surfing continues!

Wednesday will be another surf day.

The mix of S-SW swell will continue on Wednesday. Most of the energy will be leftovers from earlier in the week but a new SW swell (200-220) will begin moving in throughout the day and we will continue to see some background NW windswell.

Most exposed spots will see surf in the waist-chest high range. Standout S-SW facing spots, mostly through Orange County and Northern San Diego...and a few breaks sprinkled around northern LA, will have some chest-shoulder high sets. Maybe a few bigger sets at the OC and SD SW standouts by the end of the day...if it stays clean enough to pick them out.

Winds will shift back to our more normal pattern on Wednesday. We will have light and variable morning conditions with just a touch of S-SW eddy flow. Look for NW winds around 10-14 knots by the afternoon. Overcast skies at first and then clear skies burning through around midday.

I would keep an eye on the eddy circulation in the morning...there may be a little texture/crumble at the more exposed spots. You can probably dodge it by hitting up spots with some protection, like high cliffs, better positioning, or kelp or something similar that knocks the wind down. There isn’t a lot to break up the swell so look for the best shape at points and reefs...with the good sandbars being a decent, but not great backup.

Here are the tides...

06:02AM LDT -0.4 L
12:41PM LDT 3.4 H
04:52PM LDT 2.5 L
10:56PM LDT 5.2 H

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