Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hurricane Andres – First hurricane of 2009

Tropical storm Andres has been upgraded to Hurricane Andres...our first hurricane of 2009.

As of right now Andres is barely hurricane strength, winds around 65-70 knots near the core, and with rather poor convection on the satellite photos. It almost seems like the NHC is stretching a bit to get this system classified as a hurricane...and forecasts are not expecting Andres to stay this strong for very long. Likely he will be downgraded back to a Tropical Storm sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Unfortunately Andres is still a ways away from our swell window...so I am not expecting any surf from him at this point. Even the extended range forecasts are not showing the storm reaching our swell window with any sort of strength. I do expect some increase in surf for the Tip of Baja and the close proximity areas of Mainland Mexico...but there is a chance for bad weather and flooding too. Wavewise it is going to be a bit of crapshoot in Baja so I don’t think it would be worth traveling for this storm...unless you are just getting out of its way.

Anyways...just thought I would give a shout out for the first hurricane of the season.

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