Friday, May 14, 2010

Waves for the Weekend – S swell peaks but we may have some more eddy

Both Saturday and Sunday will have plenty of southern hemi swell but local eddy winds may keep things from getting super clean. Expect surfable shape but with a touch of texture to bump to it at times.

The new S swell (180-200) that has been moving in here on Friday will continue to hold/peak overnight in Saturday.

Look for the average spots to see surf in the chest-shoulder high range with some head high+ sets showing at breaks with a little better exposure to the southerly swell. Top S facing breaks, mostly through Orange County, will have some shoulder-overhead surf with some sets going a couple of feet+ overhead at times. A few of the breaks that can focus the S swell will be bigger on the lower tides.

Winds look ok…sort of light/variable with some pockets of eddyish texture here and there for the morning. Expect WNW-W winds around 10-14 knots to build in through the afternoon.

Sunday the S swell (180-200) will start to back off while the local NW windswell pushes in a little more size.

Look for the average S facing spots to see surf in the chest-shoulder high+ range with a few head high+ sets still showing through the morning. The standout S spots will be in the shoulder-overhead range with a few bigger sets still going a couple of feet+ overhead at times.

Winds still sort of ok/marginal on Sunday…looks like mostly light winds in the morning but there will be a few areas that pull in variable onshore texture at times. Look for these winds to shift more firmly to the West building up to the 10-15knot range for the afternoon.

I think this weekend is going to be a little challenging in terms of finding “good” surf…there will be crowds, the winds won’t be all that cooperative, and the tide swings are pretty funky…all of which just shorten our surf window. However, I do think that if you pick the right spot and head down to the beach with your mental state/expectations in the right place you will be able to find plenty of waves and probably be even be able to dig some fun out of what we have going conditionswise. Points and reefs are going to probably be the best call…the S swell won’t have much to break it up, particularly on Saturday, so we are going to need some sort of reef/point to help shape the wave. If you are looking for smaller waves, stick to the NW facing breaks…they will be more in the weak playful size range.

Here are the tides…hope you get a few.

05/15/2010 Saturday
05:10AM LDT -1.0 L
11:37AM LDT 3.4 H
04:07PM LDT 2.1 L
10:19PM LDT 6.0 H

05/16/2010 Sunday
05:56AM LDT -1.0 L
12:31PM LDT 3.3 H
04:50PM LDT 2.2 L
11:03PM LDT 5.8 H


Anonymous said...

So the coamps say eddy for the weekend but whenever they show light offshore winds theres an eddy, so expect clean morning conditions this weekend?

Anonymous said...

not! dude, wind is strong this morning in south san diego. has made a total junked out scene. so sad.

Anonymous said...

ditto that.

Anonymous said...

Saturday morning and hey what do you know no eddy :)
everytime like clockwork

Anonymous said...

I love Surfline - the conditions are always 'fair'. They have to make sure people drive to the beach and maybe do a little shopping.

In actuality, it's drained/closed out with gray skies & a nice brisk S wind chopping up the sea.

Brrr. Reminds me of those old newsreels of the English channel on D-Day. Let's make tea.

Anonymous said...

actually, south san diego got okay at about 9am. poor me. i was there at 6am when it sucked and was windy. :(

Anonymous said...

Funny how surflines regional ratings are better then any individual spot. How does that work?

Hank Stamper said...

"has made a total junked out scene. so sad."

So sad? Not! Infant mortality is sad. Adverse winds for surfboarding are trifling, "dude."

Anonymous said...

"sad" or "trifling" are both acceptable. haughty grammar chiding is not.

Anonymous said...

Is there any end in sight for these eddy conditions? If so when will we see the sea temperatures rise?

Anonymous said...

Swell dropped off dramaticly, light drizzle, icy south wind, dark grey skys, full suits... wait, this is may in orange county?

Anonymous said...

El' nino sure was epic for boarding but sure is cold and junky for surfin =/

Haughty Wakonda said...

If there was any chiding, it was semantics. Shouldn’t sadness be left for something bigger than a day of southwest wind? Especially after such an incredible winter?

Oh, and please don’t “pray for surf.” Please devote your prayers to, say, ending starvation, SoCal bro-brahs. Thanks a bundle.

Anonymous said...

Bro, don't take away from a guys bummed out day of having bad conditions at his break. if a guy only gets a few days to surf a week, and neither of them are good, it is indeed a sad thing. not denying people starving is a much, much more probelmatic issue, and is an issue of much more importance than a bummed day of surfing. but this site is about surfing, no solving starvation. keep your comments in the context of the site, bro. and, by the way, praying for surf doesn't mean you can't also pray to end starvation. if you like, pray to end starvation first, then pray for surf. :)

Anonymous said...

successful troll is successful!

SC Fool said...

Haha. Saturday morning was epic. I don't know where you fools were at but this fool was totally stoked to not be starving for surf.