Monday, May 10, 2010

Tuesday’s Surf – Still a bit breezy

Tuesday won’t be a surf day.

The SW swells from the weekend will continue to back down (not that they are showing all that much anyway) and the local windswell will continue to increase…along with the onshore wind.

Most spots will be in the waist-high range with some chest-shoulder high+ sets for the NW standouts (mostly in South San Diego) will see some head high sets at the breaks that focus/like NW windswell.

We may see some pockets of semi-clean conditions really early in the morning but mostly NW winds are forecast to pick up early through midmorning…so a lot of breaks will get onshore chop pushing in pretty fast. These WNW-NW winds will end up topping out 10-15+ before lunch. NW winds 15-20 knots will be on tap for the afternoon. Stupid wind.

I wouldn’t spend much time looking for surf tomorrow...there isn’t a ton of swell in the water and even the windswell is pretty anemic, add that to the onshore winds and funky morning tides and you have a pretty good reason to stay in bed. You might spend a couple of minutes checking it if you live close to the beach and the NW winds don’t work your break over that bad but other than that save your gas for later this week. Personally I am getting some drywall work done…so you can see how fired up I am about this swell.

Here are the tides…

05/11/2010 Tuesday
02:38AM LDT 0.1 L
08:38AM LDT 3.6 H
01:57PM LDT 1.4 L
08:05PM LDT 5.5 H

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