Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Custom Surf Forecast for Malibu Surfing Association - Surf Your Brains Out Contest

The Malibu Surfing Association is putting on Groms/Jr’s contest this Saturday (May 8th)…titled the “Surf Your Brains Out”. So if you want to a chance to watch your little grom get a few uncrowded sets at the ‘bu…you might want to sign them up. I wish I was still young enough to sign up…can we get a 35 and under division please?

Here is a link to the contest website…


On Saturday we are going to see a mix of fading S-SSW swell (180-200)…the peak of the swell actually hits a couple of days earlier but there will be enough trailing energy still in the water to make some pretty contestable conditions.

The Malibu/Surfrider beach area will see consistent surf in the waist high range with some less consistent chest-shoulder high sets slipping in at the top of 1st point. Shape will be a little softer as the swell-period drops to about 14-seconds…so you might want to bring some boards that can deal with a little less push…particularly through the morning as we come off of the high tide.

Winds and weather are both forecast to cooperate…though there may be some fog in the morning. Currently it looks like light/variable to light/offshore winds in the morning with some W-WSW winds picking up around lunchtime and increasing to 10-12 knots by the afternoon. Beach temps might be a little cool in the morning, especially with the fog, but it should burn off into a sunny day by midday and warm up to the low-70’s.

Overall it looks like a pretty fun day…the sets aren’t going to be all that consistent…but that is the great part of Malibu, the point works even on the smaller stuff, so even if most of the waves are in the waist high range the groms should still be having plenty of fun. – Adam at www.socalsurf.com

Here are the tides for Saturday…have a good one!

12:53AM PDT 1.8 L
06:26AM PDT 3.6 H
12:30PM PDT 1.0 L
07:04PM PDT 4.6 H

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