Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Surf Photos – A few from the mid-morning session

If only we were 2" tall...then it would be easy to build an artificial pointbreak.


Anonymous said...

Other side of Newport river jetties?
I was out to, really mushy and too peaky (well hey it is rjs) but had some size and was clean and still pretty fun.

Anonymous said...

I havent surfed RJ's since it got washed out from that rainy winter 4-6 years ago and I live up the street on Brookhurst from it. Whatever it was and did best, its much less. Dont pay much attention nowadays, before it was my first go to spot. The aftermath of that rainy winter was that I found that the 1st day of a long period South swell would work good there for a few hours in the morning but just at the main river outlet, never would last long as there is sand flowing around through where the peak or line breaks. Maybe its coming back? I drove by around 11am and it had some of the old flavor but too much wind on it to really tell. Old flavor: peaks popping up from Santa Ana River to the talbert jetty(not the best name) and sometimes beyond. We'll see this summer. Anyhow, the NS of the HB pier holds wind better, but less power, so thats my current go-to for south swells.

Anonymous said...

sweet stuff AW-yeeah!