Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thursday’s Wind – when will the madness end…oh yeah on Friday.

Thursday will not be a surf day…but there may be a little teenie-tiny window, for a couple of areas, in the morning if we get lucky...and by lucky I am talking somewhere in between a hot streak in vegas and being a lottery winner lucky or something like that.

Lots of windswell (and wind) still showing on Thursday…the peak of the windswell will actually be pushing through in the morning and it looks like most W facing beaches will see some decent size, but horrible shape. The top NW facing spots, particularly San Diego, will go bigger…but again the stupid wind does us no favors. Oh and there will be a touch of S-SW swell (190-220) that will get lost in the windswell/wind noise out there.

Most spots will continue to see sloppy, poor shape with surf running in the shoulder-head high+ range…and some bigger sets mixing in. The standout NW facing spots, again mostly in SD, will be several feet overhead and may have some bigger waves mixing in at times…this will be mostly stacked up windswell but it will be pretty good size.

Winds, overall look pretty bad for Thursday. W flow around 10-15 knots will be pushing through for the morning with some 20-25 knot gusts still possible in some areas. Now with that said…there are a couple of funky little things showing on the COAMPS and on the NWS graphical forecast…

It looks like the early morning may see some lighter winds around a couple of areas…namely North LA county/Santa Monica and North OC…it looks like the Malibu and PV headlands may push winds a little more northerly throw those areas which, thanks to their southerly orientation, might mean a brief period of sideshore or even slightly offshore winds through the morning. I definitely wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen…but if you live in those areas it might be worth taking a longer look at the trees/flags indicators when you first wake up.

Keep in mind that even if things do clean up a bit in those areas the surf shape is still going to be lumpy and funky…with some freaking cold water temps thanks to upwelling and chilly air temps thanks to wind-chill.

Here are the tides…winds improve a lot by Friday morning…expect some better, cleaner, surf this weekend.

04/22/2010 Thursday
04:00AM LDT 4.3 H
11:27AM LDT -0.1 L
06:13PM LDT 3.9 H
11:50PM LDT 1.9 L

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Anonymous said...

hh+ clean glassy windswell perfection at a certain north oc stretch, one of the best days at that spot in echo since winter fun stuff keep it comin, but please water warm up atleast a tad
Hope everyone else scored and still has their motor skills