Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday’s Surf – Clean morning with some combo swell

Friday will be a surf day.

Look for a mix of fading W-NW windswell (280-300) and some new SSW-SW swell (190-210) jumping into the ongoing mix of swell we have coming out of the Southern Hemi. Conditions will make a considerable clean up as winds lighten and even go light offshore in a few areas for the morning. Expect the water to freeze your ‘nads off at a few spots as well.

With the windswell dropping most of our bigger surf is going to back off fast…but it was an ugly lumpy mess for most areas so having it fade out won’t be the worst thing in the world. Most exposed spots will be in the chest high range while the better S-SW exposed combo spots see some shoulder high sets. The standout NW breaks, again mostly in Southern SD but at the really good NW/SW combo spots as well, will have some head high and even overhead surf through the lower tides earlier in the day.

Look for light and variable winds in the morning…with a few pockets of light offshore flow forming around North LA and North OC…and maybe in some other isolated areas as well. These winds are still a little fragile so don’t expect it too be totally clean all day…the onshore flow will start to drive back in around lunchtime and we can expect some breezy WNW-NW winds around 12-15 knots for most areas by the afternoon.

It looks like the early morning is going to be the best bet windwise…but the tide will be a little high…so we are stuck back in the stupid compromise of clean but swampy surf or textured with a lower tide…you might want to aim for the middle somewhere if your good combo spots like the lower tides.

Here are the tides…

04/23/2010 Friday
05:23AM LDT 4.3 H
12:17PM LDT -0.1 L
06:46PM LDT 4.5 H


Spidahdakneeridah said... was a surf day. Until about 7:30am. Then it turned into a craptacular, craptastic, crappie fishing crap-a-thon. (Oh, and it was crappy too.) South winds+ south facing beach= no fun. Adam, your surf forecasting is second to none, but the winds...not so much. But then I'm thinking it's probably easier to predict when Jennifer Lopez's ass is gonna go all jabba the hutt on her...oh yah, it's coming.

Adam Wright said...

bummer that the winds spun up on you so fast. Where were you if you don't mind me asking?

Yeah the winds are a bi-yatch to forecast...they can be influenced by a tiny shift in tempuratures inland, (or a hummingbird farting in Hawaii), so I do the best with the info that I have at the time of the forecast...but there can be big changes in the forecast run even a few hours later. I wish I was a robot that could sit and watch the wind stuff all night long...hmmm or maybe I should just build one.

Anonymous said...

ya winds + not really any south swell in the water sure wasnt a good follow up to the goodness of yesterday, o well a few peaks at blackies were kind of fun.