Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday’s Surf – more combo love…

Friday will be another surf day.

The blend of swells will shift around a little bit on Friday…the S swell (175-190) will be slowly fading out while a new SW swell (190-210) and more local NW windswell both fill in. Wave heights aren’t going to change drastically, but I do expect the top spots to fade a touch, while a few of the breaks that like a little more SW in their Southern Hemis get a little better.

The average exposed spots will continue to be in the waist-chest high range…with the better S-SW exposed breaks seeing some shoulder high sets. The standout S-SW facing breaks and the excellent combo spots can expect more chest-head high surf with some inconsistent head+ sets.

Look for light winds on Friday morning…mostly light and variable with a few areas of texture now and then at the wind sensitive spots. Look for onshore flow to pick up through midmorning and then increase to the W-NW around 10-15 knots for the late afternoon.



Friday looks like fun…personally I want a little more W-WNW in my combo (I like to go right)…so I am ok with the mix of swells getting a little more balanced...unfortunately the NW windswell that will be doing most of the work has a bit too much NW swell angle to make it into most beaches. S facing spots are really your best bet on Friday…but other than making surf that you have southerly exposure you sort of get to pick your flavor…will it be shwackable points/reefs? or low-tide beach break barrels? Or some lesser exposed spots for some playful cruising?…so many choices how do I decide…

Here are the tides…

4/16/2010 Friday
05:15AM LDT -0.5 L
11:27AM LDT 3.4 H
04:25PM LDT 1.7 L
10:36PM LDT 5.5 H


Anonymous said...

You decide by driving down the same street to the same beach break you typically surf.

If it isn't going off, then you start checking around. Winter or summer, if it isn't going off here, then it's usually better south.

Since it's been pretty freakin' good around here the last few days, it saves on driving.

Anonymous said...

Current, rips and a ugly morning out there in north OC

Anonymous said...

Newport has been over head like...6 days in a row i think? Here crown jewel has been workin the last few days. Dang im already starting to forget how good the great 09/10 winter was and its only early spring!
Hows south county been?