Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lagging on the forecasts…and turning into an old man

Hey guys…I sort of tweaked my back over the weekend (I am sure it was a dolphin ninja) and I have been moving pretty slow since. Sorry I haven’t been my usually punctual (and I use the term loosely) self with the forecasts.

I am starting to feel better so I think that I will be able to get back up to speed tomorrow and hopefully get everything humming along shortly.

Just taking a quick look at the charts it looks like some more fun onshore winds and maybe some rain moving in tomorrow….I would expect more, small S-SW swell, and building W wind/storm swell. Winds and weather are going to depend on where that front is actually positioned by the morning but if it has moved on through expect some sloppy shape…if it stalls out there may be a few little surf pockets at the S wind protected breaks. Happy hunting...


Anonymous said...

Adam, I hope you feel better soon. Here's a little joke - do you know the definition of getting old? You go to bed healthy & wake up injured.

All joking aside, for the youngsters out there, just remember if you don't quit & keep surfing, you'll end up surfing many more year as an older person.

I've been surfing for a long time without having experienced any major injuries. I'm now paranoid about doing any other (sporting) activities that could possibly result in even a minor injury.

I've seen plenty of guys, who once laid up out of water for some reason or another, quickly degrade out of shape and sometimes never return.

Anonymous said...

hmm reminds me of this song perfectly, never gonna give you up!

Anonymous said...

Take the pain bro! I need my forecast! I feel completely helpless without them.

Anonymous said...

found my pocket of goodness this morning. somewhat choppy, but definately doable. had the whole beachbreak to myself because the early rain most likely turned everyone away. love these kind of days.

Anonymous said...

Off our rockers, actin' crazy

With the right medication we won't be lazy

Doin' the old folks boogie

Down on the farm
Wheelchairs, they was locked arm in arm

Paired off pacemakers with matchin' alarms

Gives us jus' one more chance
To spin one more yarn

And you know that you're over the hill

When your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill

Doin' the old folks boogie
And boogie we will

'Cause to us the thought's as good as a thrill